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  • What types of electrical fans are available on your website?
    We offer a wide range of electrical fans including, BLDC ceiling fans, high speed ceiling fans, table, pedestal and wall fans.
  • What are the different blade sizes available?
    We manufacture blade sizes of 16 inches.
  • Do the fans come with warranty coverage? What is the warranty duration?
    Yes, our fans come with warranty coverage. The warranty duration varies depending on the brand and model, and this information is provided in the product details. Please refer to the specific product page for warranty details.
  • What are the main features I should consider when selecting a fan?
    Some key features to consider are airflow capacity, adjustable speed settings, oscillation capabilities, timer functions, remote control options, energy efficiency ratings, and noise levels.
  • Are the fans on your website energy-efficient?
    Yes, we offer a range of energy-efficient fans that are designed to provide optimal performance while minimizing power consumption. Look for fans with energy efficiency ratings or labels such as ENERGY STAR.
  • Are your fans suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?
    We offer fans specifically designed for indoor use, while some models are suitable for outdoor use as well. Please check the product descriptions or labels for information on suitability for outdoor applications.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section, also known as Frequently Asked Questions section, serves as a resource for users or customers to find quick answers to their inquiries without having to reach out to customer support or search through extensive information. FAQ sections are designed to address common concerns, provide clarifications, and offer guidance on various aspects related to the subject matter. The questions and answers in an FAQ section are typically organized in a structured format for easy navigation and accessibility.
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